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Duffells Technical Product Support Team

You’re not just a customer, you're a valued partner and your satisfaction is our top priority.

The Duffells Technical Support Team stands as a beacon of unparalleled knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on being your go-to resource for all your technical support needs, offering a wide array of services tailored to meet your specific requirements.

100 Years of Combined Knowledge & Experience Within the Industry

Our team boasts a remarkable 100 years of collective experience, making us pioneers in the field of technical support. We've witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand and have continually developed our skills over the years to stay current. With Duffells, you benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of every challenge you may encounter.


Identify Parts, Old & New

Navigating the vast landscape of parts, both old and new, can be daunting. Fortunately, our experts excel at identifying even the most obscure components. Whether you're dealing with legacy products or the latest innovations, we have the knowledge and resources to pinpoint the exact part you need.


Alternative Options & Solutions for Discontinued Items

Are you facing a discontinued product dilemma? Our team specialises in providing alternative options and innovative solutions for discontinued products to ensure your project goes ahead without a hitch. We understand the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing marketplace and are committed to helping you overcome these obstacles with ease.


Sourcing Non-Stocked Items

Sometimes, the part you need isn't readily available on our shelves. That's where our sourcing expertise comes into play. We offer a dedicated service to procure non-stocked items, leveraging our extensive worldwide network of suppliers to fulfil your requirements promptly and efficiently. For items you can’t find on our website, we ask you to complete our Product Identifier form to give us as much information on the part you need as possible.


Source and Procure Bespoke Products

Adaptability and customisation are key in today's competitive landscape, and we excel at sourcing and procuring bespoke products tailored to your unique specifications. Whether you require specialised components or customised solutions, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.


After Sales Product Support

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the point of sale. We provide comprehensive after-sales support to address any product queries or concerns you may have, giving you a complete service experience from start to finish. With Duffells, you're not just a customer – you're a valued partner, and your satisfaction is our top priority.


Resolve Enquiries & Provide Information on Unusual Requests

No request is too unusual for our dedicated team. Whether you need specific measurements or have bespoke requirements, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our experts are adept at resolving enquiries promptly and providing accurate information to assist you in your decision-making process.


Investigate on Reported Faulty Products

Encountered a faulty product? Let us handle the investigation. Our experienced team will meticulously assess the issue, identifying root causes and proposing effective solutions to rectify the problem swiftly. With Duffells, you can trust that your concerns will be addressed with the utmost professionalism and diligence.


Access Control Support

Navigating access control systems can be complex, but we're here to simplify the process. Whether you need assistance with wiring diagrams or troubleshooting electrical parts, our experts are ready to lend a helping hand. Count on us to provide clear guidance and support to ensure seamless integration and operation.

WhatsApp Support Service

In today's fast-paced world, communication is key. That's why we offer a convenient WhatsApp support service in addition to email and phone support. Whether you have a quick question or require in-depth assistance, our team is just a message away, ready to help you.


If you require the assistance of the Duffells Technical Support Team; to ensure excellent & efficient technical support, we ask for:

  • All dimensions of a product be provided in text format (no photos or videos of tape measures or rulers against the part) – Try our Product Identifier Form
  • Detailed description of the part required
  • Quantity required for enquiries and special requests
  • Clear, in-focus photos showing the main features of the product including any branding or markings.
  • Your Duffells account number, postcode, and contact name for streamlined processing


At Duffells, we're committed to delivering exceptional technical support tailored to your needs. With our unparalleled expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions, we're your trusted partner every step of the way.


Contact us today and experience the Duffells difference firsthand.