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Electronic Multipoint Locks

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Electronic Multipoint Door Locks FAQs

Electronic multipoint door locks are similar to standard multipoint door locks, but with addition of a motor or solenoid to operate the lock. When used as part of an access control system, an electronic multipoint lock offers the user the ability to open and close a door without using a key, or even a lever handle. The door, once unlocked, can simply be pushed or pulled open. When coupled with an electronic door operator, a totally contactless system of entry can be achieved. With a system of this type, users do not need to touch the door at all, as the unlocking, opening, closing and re locking of the door are all achieved electronically.

With electronic multipoint locks, the lock will automatically secure itself when the door is closed, as small triggers activate the locking points. Then, when the door is required to open, an electronic signal from the access control system activates either a motor or a solenoid. In the case of a solenoid, a clutch like mechanism in engaged which allows the user to operate the lock using a lever handle. But in the case of a motor, the operation of the lock itself is performed by the motor physically winding in the locking points, therefore requiring no physical interaction from the user.

See our blog A Guide To Electronic Multipoint Door Lock Solutions for a more in-depth look.

The Winkhaus and GU electronic multipoint locks Duffells sell both use motors. The multipoint lock itself is just one part of a successful access control system, and other items such as a power supply, door loop, and a choice of access control hardware will be needed to design a system. Duffells can easily help you though creating a suitable system.

Winkhaus AV2 Autolocking Multipoint Door Lock

GU Secury Automatic Multipoint Door Lock

Not all multipoint door locks can be converted into electronic multipoint door locks. The additional parts needed to convert the multipoint door lock into an access control solution are only suited to specific multipoint door locks. At Duffells we stock electronic multipoint door locks from Winkhaus and GU.

Winkhaus Electronic Multipoint Door Locks
GU Electronic Multipoint Door Locks

Because of its access control capabilities and the additional parts needed; electronic multipoint door locks are priced higher than regular multipoint door locks.