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Repair Multipoint Door Lock FAQs

A repair multipoint door lock is an adaptable or adjustable multipoint door lock that is designed to replace the majority of full-length multipoint door locks. Repair multipoint door locks can commonly be supplied in 3 pieces which enables them to be adapted to match the length and locking points position of the multipoint lock that needs replacing. At Duffells we supply our trade customers with a variety of repair multipoint door lock suitable for UPVC, timber and composite doors from well-known brands:

VERSA Repair multipoint door locks
ERA Repair multipoint door locks
Yale Repair multipoint door locks
Winkhaus Repair multipoint door locks

Repair multipoint door locks are available for UPVC, timber and composite doors. They are supplied in a box in kit form usually in 3 sections: the centre case with latch and deadbolt with the top locking and bottom sections containing the additional locking points.

The gearbox in the centre section will commonly have a smaller case size so that it fits in any pre-existing cavity left by the original multipoint door lock being replaced. The top and bottom extensions will need cutting down to match the position of the existing locking points.

The 3 sections are then fitted together using serrated connectors and depending on model will operate as either a lift lever or Nightlatch function.

View these instructional videos demonstrating how to install repair multipoint door locks.

VERSA V-MPL Repair Multipoint Door Lock

Yale Doormaster Adjustable Repair Multipoint Door Lock

Yale Doormaster Universal Repair Multipoint Door Lock

A repair multipoint door lock is closely priced to a standard full length multipoint door lock. A repair multipoint door lock will replace (in some cases) up to 99% of all multipoint door locks making it a popular choice for mobile locksmiths to keep them in their van stock for when emergency replacements are needed.

Stocking repair multipoint door locks means the locksmith doesn’t need to make 2 visits to a job, or store a variety of full length multipoint door locks in their van. When using a repair multipoint door lock the replacement can be made in one visit.