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Roto H650 Latch Deadbolt 4 Mushrooms Lift Lever Multipoint Door Lock

Roto H650 Latch Deadbolt 4 Mushrooms Lift Lever Multipoint Door Lock
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This Roto H650 multipoint door lock features 4 Mushrooms1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.

The H650 is Roto's latest lock and this version will replace the old 4 roller Roto locks although keeps may need to be repositioned.

The H650 is Roto's newest lever operated lock. Its is available in a large range of different configurations, although many of those are only sold in Europe and occasionally end up fitted to an imported door. This range is manufactured in Germany.

The H650 replaces the H600, but locking points remain in the same positions. In turn, the H600 replaced a large range of Roto locks (we called some of them "Mk2" or MVD locks). Those locks have locking points in different positions and, if replacing them, some work will be required to the door. Double spindle locks are no longer available, so the double spindle nightlatch function may not be able to be used. Its also worth noting that new Roto locks feature mushrooms, so old roller locks will require new keeps.

Identifying a Roto lock is fairly easy as the name will be stamped on the faceplate. Check the measurements for the locking points once the lock has been removed from the door to confirm the model required. Also watch out for the Elite range of locks. Some of these locks are the same as the old Mk2/MVD locks and can provide a useful alternative (although additional roller keeps are often required).

Roto H650 gearboxes are dimensionally the same as the H600 series, but feature internal upgrades. They are available in a 35mm or 45mm backset with single spindle operation, only.

The H650 gearbox measures 212mm high by the backset + 15mm. The latch is 29mm high, the deadbolt is 30mm high and there is 58mm between the bottom of the latch and the top of the deadbolt. Gearboxes are fitted to faceplates with three screws. The top to middle screw measures 70mm, whereas the middle to bottom screw measures 125mm.

Roto H650 multipoint door lock gearboxes feature a "whisper latch" as standard fitment. This latch has a central plastic component to ensure that the door closes quietly. It's worth noting that Roto did supply these locks with other types of latch, which although rare, may not feature the plastic insert.

European markets feature locks with 25mm up to 80mm backsets, but locks with 35mm and 45mm are sold in the UK. When measuring the backset, allow 2-3mm for the faceplate, so a 35mm backset gearbox will measure 32mm when not fixed to the strip.

Operation: Lift Lever

To lock the door

1. Lift the handle upwards to engage the locking points.

2. Lock the locking points and main deadbolt (if present) by turning the key.

To unlock the door

1. Unlock the system by turning the key.

2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points and retract the latch.

We stock a range of associated products for Roto H650 multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Insert an allen key into the small hole above the latch. Push all the way through and press down to release the latch. Remove the latch reverse and reinsert.

You may find this lock used as an UPVC door lock or an aluminium door lock.

How can I tell who the manufacturer is of my multipoint lock?

Check down the faceplate and look for a brand name or logo to identify the manufacturer.

How do I find out the operation of my multipoint door lock?

  • 1. If you only use the key to unlock all of the locking points then the operation is called Key Wind.
  • 2. If you lift the handle and turn the key to lock then the operation is called Lift Lever.
  • 3. If from the outside you unlock with the key, pull handle down to disengage the locking points and turn the key to open the door then this operation is called Nightlatch or Split Spindle.
  • 4. If lifting the handle fully locks the door without the use of a key then this operation is called Auto Locking.

How do I measure my multipoint door lock?

Always measure in millimetres.

  • 1. Backset – Measure the distance from the edge of the faceplate back to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 2. Centres – Measure the distance from centre of handle spindle down to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 3. Locking points – Measure the distance from centre of the locking point to the centre of handle spindle then repeat for other locking points.
  • 4. Faceplate – Measure the distance across the width of the face and full length of the faceplate.
  • 5. Gearbox – Measure the height and depth of the gearbox.

How do I know if my multipoint door lock is left or right handed?

99% of multipoint door locks are field reversible, instructions for which are under product information. For those models which are handed please refer to the handing chart to determine which hand you require.

Do you have a gearbox for this multipoint lock?

Yes our part number is ROTOCASE35S.

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