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French Door Lock Kits FAQs

French doors are a pair of outward opening doors commonly found towards the rear of domestic properties often leading to outside space. The 2 doors meet in the middle with the left-hand door hinging on the left and the right-hand door hinging on the right. The 2 doors are commonly named the “Active” door and the “Passive” door. The active door is the door that opens and closes regularly, and the passive door is seldom used.

The active door will contain a multipoint door lock with shoot bolts securing the door to the top and/or bottom of the door frame. The active door can be locked the same way a normal multipoint door lock can be. Lifting the handle will throw the locking points and a turn of the key will keep the mechanism in a locked state. When the locking points are engaged, rather than entering the door frame they enter the passive door.

The passive door may simply contain keeps for the active door’s locking points and flush bolts to secure it to the top and bottom of the door frame. Alternatively, you might find the passive door has a slave lock installed.

A slave lock looks similar to a multipoint door lock except the centre gearbox doesn’t have any latch or deadbolt and the faceplate doesn’t have any locking points to throw. Sometime the slave locks will have holes in the faceplate that act as keeps to match the position of the Active multipoints locking points. The only locking points the slave lock will operate are its top and bottom shoot bolts.

If the passive door contains a slave lock, it can also be locked via a euro cylinder. A lift of the handle will engage the top and bottom shoot bolts and a turn of the key will keep the shoot bolts in a locked state. A slave lock is a more secure way to lock the passive door.

At Duffells we stock and supply our trade customers with ERA French door locks for rebated timber French doors, and plain meeting style timber / composite doors:

ERA French door locks for rebated timber doors
Era French door locks for plain meeting style timber / composite doors