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Trickle Ventilators

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Trickle ventilators, also known as trickle vents, window ventilators, or door ventilators are small ventilation systems integrated into the frames of doors and windows. They are designed to allow a constant, controlled flow of air from the outside into an internal space, which is particularly important in modern, airtight homes.

Trickle vents are composed of a staggered slit within the frame, present on both the interior and exterior sides and typically feature an adjustable cover that can be opened or closed. However, they are typically designed so the door/window can be left closed while the trickle vent is kept open at all times for continuous airflow.

The primary function of trickle vents is to provide background ventilation. This continuous airflow is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality by removing excess moisture and reducing the risk of mould buildup. They are particularly beneficial in regulating temperature and humidity levels inside the home and are essential in reducing condensation.

Trickle vents are often a requirement in most new and replacement windows under Building Regulations, reflecting their importance in modern building design.