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Lockey 2430 Double Sided Tubular Mortice Latch back to back Digital Lock

Lockey 2430 Double Sided Tubular Mortice Latch back to back Digital Lock
Order code: 2430DSS
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Low duty digital door locks with mortice tubular latches, back to back plates and noholdback. This version has code lengths of 4-6 digits, with 2000+ possible code combination options.


  • Holdback: No.
  • Dimensions: (H) 142mm x (W) 40mm.
  • Backset: 60.
  • Key Override: No.
  • Code Free Function: No.
  • Code Change on Door: No.
  • Number of buttons:14.
  • Handed: Reversible.
  • Operation: Outside entry via code, Inside exit via code.
  • Case height: 142mm
  • Case width: 40mm
  • Backset: 60mm
  • Outside: Entry via code
  • Inside: Exit via code
  • Combinations: 2000+ possible code options
  • Code length: 4-6 digits
  • Suitable for doors 35-55mm thick
  • Holdback: No
  • Latch: Standard 60mm backset
  • Handed - No
  • Usage: Light duty
  • Protective clutch mechanism
  • For 50mm or 70mm backsets purchase additional latch to correct size
  • Can be used on rebated doors with corresponding rebate

How do you change the code on this digital door lock?

This lock requires the manual arrangement of individual metal tumblers at the rear of the lock. This process requires the lock to be removed from the door and the C button to be held down whilst the pins are re-arranged full instructions are provided.

How heavy Duty is this digital door lock?

The Lockey 2400 series is a robust mid to high level range catering to the medium duty medium traffic applications and harsher environments due its stainless steel components and hard wearing finish

Is this digital door lock suitable for use outside?

Yes, due to the stainless steel internal components and good quality hard wearing finish is suitable for internal and external use. Please note that when used externally it is preferred for the unit to be sheltered from direct exposure where possible as with all metal products with so many moving parts, the lock will suffer corrosion over time and use in harsh environments will accelerate wear

What locking device does this digital door lock work with?

The product is supplied with a tubular mortice latch bolt

Can the user code feature the same number more than once?

No, the same character can not appear more than once in the code for this product

Does the user code have to be entered in the correct sequence?

No, codes on this product are non sequential.

Does this digital door lock feature holdback functionality?

No, this product does not feature a hold back function as it is a deadbolt lock

Does this digital door lock feature a manual key override?

No, This product does not offer a key override functionality.