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Kaba Simplex/Unican 904 Series Rim Deadlbolt Digital Lock

Kaba Simplex/Unican 904 Series Rim Deadlbolt Digital Lock
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One code heavy duty rim deadlbolt. This version has code lengths of 1-5 digits - Non sequential, with 1000+ possible code combination options. Suitable for doors 44-54mm thick.


  • Holdback: Yes.
  • Dimensions: (H) 95mm x (W) 65mm.
  • Key Override: See table.
  • Code Free Function: No.
  • Code Change on Door: Yes.
  • Number of buttons: 5.
  • Handed: Reversible.
  • Operation: Outside entry via code, Inside exit via thumbturn.

Please note that this product is not subject to our normal returns procedure and will only be repaired by the manufacturer, rather than replaced, Products may be subject to manufacturer's checks and their policy on replacements will apply.

  • Case height: 95mm
  • Case width: 65mm
  • Backset: 65mm
  • Outside: Entry via code
  • Inside: Exit via thumbturn
  • Combinations: 1000+ possible code options
  • Code length: 1-5 digits
  • Suitable for doors 44-54mm thick
  • Holdback: Yes
  • Deadbolt nightlatch: 65mm backset
  • Handed - No
  • Usage: Heavy duty
  • Protective clutch mechanism
  • Code change by authorised personnel
  • Fast code change whilst unit fitted to door

How do you change the code on this digital door lock?

This product features an internal programable code chamber, which means the code can be changed whilst the unit remains on the door. This achieved by first putting the unit into code change mode, and then entering the new code. This is a quick and easy process and full instructions are provided.

How heavy Duty is this digital door lock?

The Kaba 900 series is a very heavy duty unit which is designed for use in high traffic, high usage areas. It is often seen in commercial applications such as hospitals and hotels where a rim mounted nightlatch is required to replace a traditional keyed nightlatch

Is this digital door lock suitable for use outside?

Yes, the lock is suitable for use outdoors, however due to its many moving parts and metal components exposure to harsh environments may shorten its working life

What locking device does this digital door lock work with?

This product comes with a special design of surface mounted nightlatch case which is unique to Kaba. This particular variant has a dead bolt in place of the latchbolt for when a sprung latch bolt is not what is required.

Can the user code feature the same number more than once?

Yes, the same number can be used more than once, plus digits in the code can be set to appear simultaneously meaning they must be pressed at the same time as each other.

Does the user code have to be entered in the correct sequence?

Yes, codes on these mechanical digital door locks are sequential and must be entered in the correct order.

Does this digital door lock feature holdback functionality?

No, this product does not feature a manual holdback facility, as it operates a deadbolt and can be simply left in the open position

Does this digital door lock feature a manual key override?

No this product doe not feature a key override option

Does this digital door lock feature a lever or a knob handle?

This unit features thumbturns on the outside and inside and is ideal on narrow frames