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Fuhr 855 Type 4 Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks Key Wind Operated Multipoint Door Lock

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This Fuhr 855 - Key Wind multipoint door lock features 2 Hooks, 1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.This Fuhr key wind lock comes complete with 2 hooks. Fuhr 855 series multipoint door locks suit all door types. These multipoint or UPVC door locks feature... read more
Product Information

This Fuhr 855 - Key Wind multipoint door lock features 2 Hooks, 1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.

This Fuhr key wind lock comes complete with 2 hooks.

Fuhr 855 series multipoint door locks suit all door types. These multipoint or UPVC door locks feature a key wind (key operated) function but are otherwise the same as the equivalent 856 or 859 versions.

Fuhr UPVC door locks are available in a range of different versions, all of which start life as the same platform. Hooks, rollers and other locking points may be in different positions, but the locks are otherwise the same.

Identifying a Fuhr lock is easiest once it has been removed from the door. The gearbox is distinctive and once you've seen one Fuhr lock, you'll be sure to recognise another. Its worth noting that there are some subtle differences between the 856 (lift lever), 859 (split spindle) and 855 (keywind) multipoint door lock gearboxes, but they are all recognisable as made by Fuhr. Almost all Fuhr locks will have the name stamped on the faceplate, but a reliable way to identify the lock is the triangular shape at the top of the gearbox, adjacent to where the top fixing screw connects to the faceplate.

The FUHR 855 door locks are operated using the key which engages and disengages the locking points. Two full turns of the key are required to fully engage the locking points. Instead of a lever handle, a fixed pad is used on the outside of the door and the key used to operate the latch. From the inside, the latch can be operated using a lever handle.

Fuhr multipoint door lock gearboxes feature a deadbolt which throws 20mm, except on 25mm and 30mm backset locks, where it throws 14mm. The gearbox measures 220mm x width + 18mm. The latch and deadbolt are both 31mm high and there is 61mm between the bottom of the latch and the top of the deadbolt. Gearboxes are fixed to faceplates with 3 screws. The distance from the top screw to the middle screw is 91mm and the distance from the middle to bottom screw is 108mm.

Fuhr locks feature a ball bearing and spring pre-fitted. There is a tiny notch on the sliding internal strip that the ball bearing engages (under spring tension) and give a more positive locking feel when handle operated. If you try a lock without this spring and ball bearing fitted, you'll notice the difference. Some replacement gearboxes on the market are sold without the ball bearing and spring, but all of Duffells' replacement Fuhr gearboxes come with these pre-fitted for a direct swap.

When replacing an existing Fuhr multipoint lock or gearbox, you may find that the latch differs. This can cause problems when the latch locates in the keep. Old versions of Fuhr multipoint lock gearboxes had a latch that was 28mm high, whereas newer versions are 33mm high. If the latch on the old lock is not damaged, it is possible to remove it by undoing the allen key bolt in the old gearbox, removing it and re-using it in the new lock.

Fuhr hooks feature a 20mm throw from a hook case that measures 135.5mm high x 40mm wide x 15mm thick. Hooks on Fuhr multipoint door locks normally all throw upwards, rather than being bi directional as some other brands are.

Operation: Key Wind

To lock the door

1. On closing the door, the latch is automatically engaged.

2. Turn the key to throw and engage or "wind" out the locking points.

To unlock the door

1. Turn the key to unlock the door by "unwinding" the locking points.

2. A further quarter turn of the key will retract the latch.

We stock a range of associated products for Fuhr 855 - Key Wind multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Undo the screw in the side of the lock case adjacent to the latch. Remove the latch, reverse, reinsert and repace the screw.

You may find this lock used as an UPVC door lock, an aluminium door lock, a timber multipoint door lock or a composite door lock .

Product Specification
Product FAQs

How can I tell who the manufacturer is of my multipoint lock?

Check down the faceplate and look for a brand name or logo to identify the manufacturer.

How do I find out the operation of my multipoint door lock?

  • 1. If you only use the key to unlock all of the locking points then the operation is called Key Wind.
  • 2. If you lift the handle and turn the key to lock then the operation is called Lift Lever.
  • 3. If from the outside you unlock with the key, pull handle down to disengage the locking points and turn the key to open the door then this operation is called Nightlatch or Split Spindle.
  • 4. If lifting the handle fully locks the door without the use of a key then this operation is called Auto Locking.

How do I measure my multipoint door lock?

Always measure in millimetres.

  • 1. Backset – Measure the distance from the edge of the faceplate back to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 2. Centres – Measure the distance from centre of handle spindle down to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 3. Locking points – Measure the distance from centre of the locking point to the centre of handle spindle then repeat for other locking points.
  • 4. Faceplate – Measure the distance across the width of the face and full length of the faceplate.
  • 5. Gearbox – Measure the height and depth of the gearbox.

How do I know if my multipoint door lock is left or right handed?

99% of multipoint door locks are field reversible, instructions for which are under product information. For those models which are handed please refer to the handing chart to determine which hand you require.

Do you have a gearbox for this multipoint lock?

Yes our part numbers are FUHRCASEKW35 or FUHRCASEKW45.

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