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Yale G2000 Genuine Gearbox - Lift lever or Double Spindle

Yale G2000 Genuine Gearbox - Lift lever or Double Spindle
Order code: YALECASE35
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This Yale G2000 series gearbox is designed to be used with Yale cylinders ONLY - Iseo and ERA cylinders DO NOT work with this lock.

This gearbox features a small snib that is turned by the cam when the key is turned. Sometimes, manufacturing tolerances mean that the snib isn't perfectly placed. If that is the case then a cylinder with a normal cam (like an Iseo or ERA) will miss the snib and won't be able to withdraw the latch bolt.

Yale cylinders have slightly bigger cams so Yale advises always to use a Yale cylinder with the G2000 lock cases. In our experience, it isn’t always the case however, the recommendation is to always use a Yale cylinder for peace of mind and no callbacks.

Note that the cam issue affects both Genuine and Copy Lockcases.

Genuine lockcase is now Silver with 2 Black followers.

Copy lockcase is Silver with 1 Black follower and 1 Silver follower.

A slave door version is also available - YALESLAVECASE35

Operation: Lift Lever or Double Spindle

Latch reversal: Undo the screw in the latch to remove. Reverse, reinsert and replace the screw.

  • Case Height: 194mm
  • Case Width: 52mm
  • Centres: 92mm/62mm
  • Backset: 35mm
  • Spindle: Double 8mm
  • Packaging: Supplied in singles

I have a Yale MPL but the gearbox has the hook below not above, is this version still manufactured?

Yes it was originally known as Asgard ,our stockcode is ASGARDCASE35