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Yale G2000 Copy Gearbox - Lift lever or Double Spindle

Yale G2000 Copy Gearbox - Lift lever or Double Spindle
Order code: YALECASE35

This Yale G2000 series gearbox is designed to be used with Yale cylinders ONLY - Iseo and ERA cylinders do NOT work with this lock.

These gearboxes feature a snib which is turned by a cam when the key is opened so while some other brands of euro cylinders are compatible, Yale advise the use of their own cylinders as they feature a significantly larger cam.

Operation: Lift Lever or Double Spindle

Latch reversal: Undo the screw in the latch to remove. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.

  • Case Height: 194mm
  • Case Width: 52mm
  • Centres: 92mm/62mm
  • Backset: 35mm
  • Spindle: Double 8mm
  • Packaging:¬†Supplied in singles

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I have a Yale MPL but the gearbox has the hook below not above, is this version still manufactured?

Yes it was originally known as Asgard ,our stockcode is ASGARDCASE35

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