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Winkhaus Cobra Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks 2 Roller Cam Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock

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This Winkhaus Cobra multipoint door lock features 2 Rollers, 2 Hooks, 1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.This classic 2 hook Winkhaus multipoint lock features a central deadbolt and a distance of 1490mm between hooks with 1081mm between the roller cams. These... read more
Product Information

This Winkhaus Cobra multipoint door lock features 2 Rollers, 2 Hooks, 1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.

This classic 2 hook Winkhaus multipoint lock features a central deadbolt and a distance of 1490mm between hooks with 1081mm between the roller cams.

These locks have a flat 16mm faceplate however a 20mm version is also available via special order.

The Cobra Multi-point Door Locking System from Winkhaus is part of an extensive range of Door locking systems which have been developed to suit all types of applications in various door framing materials.

Widely used in PVCu and Aluminium it has also been extensively specified and sold in the rapidly growing Composite and Timber door market.

The entire range of Cobra Locking systems are interchangeable, allowing upgrades and changes which maybe dictated by specific user requirements.

The Winkhaus Cobra is the original Winkhaus multipoint lock, featuring a central latch and deadbolt and2 or more "Cobra" hook locking points. Cobra multipoint locks are available with lift lever operation, split spindle or key wind.

Winkhaus Cobra locks are characterised by their central latch and deadbolt. They will also feature either 2 or 4 hooks as the additional locking points. While available as a 4 roller lock, Winkhaus Cobra locks are not normally available as a hook and roller combination lock. That function is left to the Scorpion range.

Cobra locks often feature locking distances of 1490mm between the external hooks. This distance has become very popular in the market, with numerous manufacturers adopting this configuration.

It is also worth noting that Winkhaus Trulocks feature the same gearbox as a Cobra, but with slightly different hooks. Cobra locks are non handed, whereas Trulocks are handed.

The quickest way to identify the product, before removing it from the door, is to check the faceplate. You'll spot a Winkhaus logo and, often, a Secured by Design logo. The Cobra version will be identified by the central deadbolt and non handed hooks.

Winkhaus Cobra locks are unique as they are available with various different locking features. These include an Entryguard function which is a guard bar that operates in a similar way to a door chain. Its more secure and it can be released from the outside by the key holder if they turn the key an additional 45 degrees.

Another option is a The ‘FA’ lockout cylinder double function incorporates two locking cylinders. A central double or thumb turn cylinder plus an additional half cylinder in the FA housing on the external side of the door. When the dwelling is unoccupied both cylinders can be locked with the same key (talk to us about our keying alike service) thus double deadlocking the door. This prevents any intruder who may have entered the property elsewhere, exiting the property by operating the internal thumb turn and unlocking the door (deadlocking the half cylinder on the outside overrides the internal lock operation).

Usefully, all Winkhaus locks feature the same routing details. Therefore, if you wish to change the locking operation, or upgrade to automatic locking, its a straightforward process. New keeps and handles may be required.

All Winkhaus gearboxes, apart from the AV4 measure 185mm high x backset + 15mm, making them the smallest gearboxes on the market. They measure 64mm between the latch and deadbolt and 63mm from the spindle to the top of the gearbox. They also feature a groove above the spindle to aid in the fitment of handles with a screw above the lever.

Winkhaus Cobra locks always feature a latch and deadbolt in the gearbox. They are available in lift lever, split spindle and key wind operation. These are easily identifiable by the sticker on the side of the gearbox. If the writing is blue, This is lift lever, if its green, then the lock is split spindle, whereas red means key wind. We often will only stock the green, split spindle locks, where both a lift lever and split spindle version are available. This is because the split spindle can be used as a lever operated lock by inserting a solid spindle all the way through the follower. There's also no price difference between the locks, so the added versatility of the split spindle lock makes it a suitable replacement for a larger range of locks.

Winkhaus gearboxes are attached to the faceplate with a set of rivets. These can be easily removed and replaced for gearbox swaps but makes Winkhaus relatively unique (and therefore easier to identify) in the market. Please refer to our guide and video on how to replace a Winkhaus gearbox for full details.

Please note that you may have encountered a really old Winkhaus gearbox that is attached to the faceplate with screws, with a passivated yellow finish. The sticker on the side (red = key wind and blue = lift lever) will denote the operation of the lock. These locks were handed and are no longer available.

Winkhaus Cobra locks feature 25mm throw solid steel Cobra hooks. These high security solid forged steel and nickel plated hooks that fully engage the keep rail and help prevent forcing the sash and frame apart.

Cobra hooks throw downwards, as opposed to Scorpion locks which can throw downwards or bi directional. Cobra hook cases measure 113mm high by 45mm wide.

Operation: Split Spindle

To lock the door

1. Lift the handle upwards to engage the locking points.

2. Lock the locking points and main deadbolt (if present) by turning the key.

To unlock the door

1. Unlock the system by turning the key.

2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points and retract the latch.

  • Secured by Design
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles

We stock a range of associated products for Winkhaus Cobra multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Push in latch a screw will appear in back of lockcase. Undo the screw to remove the latch. Reverse, reinsert and replace the screw.

You may find this lock used as an UPVC door lock or an aluminium door lock.

Product Specification
Product FAQs

How can I tell who the manufacturer is of my multipoint lock?

Check down the faceplate and look for a brand name or logo to identify the manufacturer.

How do I find out the operation of my multipoint door lock?

  • 1. If you only use the key to unlock all of the locking points then the operation is called Key Wind.
  • 2. If you lift the handle and turn the key to lock then the operation is called Lift Lever.
  • 3. If from the outside you unlock with the key, pull handle down to disengage the locking points and turn the key to open the door then this operation is called Nightlatch or Split Spindle.
  • 4. If lifting the handle fully locks the door without the use of a key then this operation is called Auto Locking.

How do I measure my multipoint door lock?

Always measure in millimetres.

  • 1. Backset – Measure the distance from the edge of the faceplate back to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 2. Centres – Measure the distance from centre of handle spindle down to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 3. Locking points – Measure the distance from centre of the locking point to the centre of handle spindle then repeat for other locking points.
  • 4. Faceplate – Measure the distance across the width of the face and full length of the faceplate.
  • 5. Gearbox – Measure the height and depth of the gearbox.

How do I know if my multipoint door lock is left or right handed?

99% of multipoint door locks are field reversible, instructions for which are under product information. For those models which are handed please refer to the handing chart to determine which hand you require.

Do you have a gearbox for this multipoint lock?

Yes our part numbers are WINKCASE35, WINKCASE45 and WINKCASE55.

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All product options
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