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VERSA Split Spindle - Suits all brands except Fuhr, Fullex and Winkhaus

VERSA Split Spindle - Suits all brands except Fuhr, Fullex and Winkhaus
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VERSA split spindles are designed to activate the nightlatch function on the split spindle range of V-MPL locks and a huge range of other brands

These versa split spindles are split into two parts, with a central pin connecting them together, allowing each half to rotate independently.

This allows for important functionality offered by split spindle gearboxes, where the external handle operates separately to the internal handle.

VERSA - Got it covered

VERSA products are designed to allow you to confidently complete repairs in one visit. Our products are retrofit solutions that provide a number of options to save you time and help you complete the job fast.

We provide a range of versatile UPVC door and window repair products that can be adjusted to the job's requirements, meaning you can cut costs and reduce stock of specific-sized products.

VERSA products mean you only need to stock one of each of our versatile products to resolve all your emergency replacement jobs.

  • NO MORE RISK of jobs being canceled while you wait for parts to arrive.
  • NO MORE DIFFICULTY in finding the exact replacement product.
  • NO MORE FILLING UP YOUR VAN with stock you may never use.

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  • 8mm diameter
  • 130mm long
  • Suits all brands except Fuhr, Fullex and Winkhaus
  • Supplied polybagged in singles

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