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VERSA Friction Stay Restrictor Insert - Converts Standard Friction Stays to Restricted

VERSA Friction Stay Restrictor Insert - Converts Standard Friction Stays to Restricted
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The VERSA friction stay restrictor is designed to convert standard window hinges to restricted.

The restrictor is croppable to enable it to fit any size stay.

The restrictor is 158mm in length and is supplied with a key to lock the stay into place and a magnet to remove it.

Simply drop the restrictor in the groove of the stay and lock into place up against the small bridge in the groove of the stay.

To remove, open up just enough to get the restrictor out and use the magnet to lift out.

This product will only work with friction stays that have a small bridge in the groove of the friction stay(see attached photo)

Stocked brands which are supplied with the bridge include VERSA, Securistyle and Carl F.

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  • Length: 158mm
  • 1 Key Supplied
  • 1 Magnet Supplied
  • ¬†Visi Packed

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