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TSS Voltage Reducing Module 24 to 12V

TSS Voltage Reducing Module 24 to 12V

Small handy module suitable to reduce voltages from 24V to 12V. Ideal for use when using 12V locking device on a 24V circuit.

Most circuitry for access control systems will use a standard operating voltage of 12 Volts, however occasionally engineers will come across circuits on other voltages. Quite often these circuits will be 24 Volts as this is a common voltage used on some imported systems, fire alarm panels, and some intruder systems. This can present a problem if the engineer is only carrying 12V components such as 12V electronic releases etc. 

This small clever component is a convenient solution, and a must-have item to stock onboard your van if you are involved with electronic locking devices. The small circuit board steps down the supply voltage from 24 Volts to 12 Volts allowing you to use a 12 Volt component on a 24 Volt circuit instead of having to wait for special order 24 Volt devices to arrive.

Dedicated, clearly labelled "24V in" and "12V out" terminals make the unit easy to use. 

  • (H) 25mm x (W) 40mm x (D) 15mm.
  • dedicated in/out terminals
  • Input Voltage 24V
  • Output Voltage 12V
  • Max Current: 1 Amp @ 12V DC

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