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TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor

TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor
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The TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictors are suitable for all types of Windows including UPVC, Aluminium, and Wooden profiles.

The Keyless feature enables the restrictor to be locked into place without the need for a key and can be unlocked with a push and twist motion allowing the window to be opened fully when necessary. Perfect for fitting on fire escape windows.

To lock the keyless window restrictor simply push the large cap over the fixing plate at around 90 degrees to it, gently push forwards and twist by around 90 degrees. The restrictor will then lock itself. To unlock, push the large cap forwards and twist 90 degrees and pull away.

Supplied with:

  • 4x Fixing Screws
  • 4x Screw Caps

The 200mm long restrictor enables the window opening to be restricted to under 100mm and can withstand forces over 1KN.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Make sure the window is closed and select a position for the TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor to be located.
  2. The position of the TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor ideally should be as central as possible. The window now needs to be opened to a distance of less than 89mm (3.5 inches), in order to comply with BS EN 16281:2013. The total opening of the whole length of the window should be kept to less than 89mm and therefore in some cases, more than 1 TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor may be required.
  3. The fixing plate should ideally be fixed to the opening window. Make sure the plate is fitted so that it does not interfere with the opening operation of the window.
  4. There is a line on the side of the fixing plate and another on the TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor. These must be fitted so that they point towards each other. This will ensure that the TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor will operate properly.
  5. Once the position is selected, mark the 4 holes with a pencil. You can then drill the 2mm pilot holes.
  6. Screw the 2 fixings into position using the 4 screws supplied.
  7. Apply the screw caps.
  8. The TSS Keyless Cable Window Restrictor is now ready to use.

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  • Cable Length: 180mm
  • Screw Centres: 50mm
  • Supplied with: 4x Fixing Screws, 4x Screw Caps
  • Packaging: Poly Bagged

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