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TSS Easy Code Change Mortice Latch Digital Lock

TSS Easy Code Change Mortice Latch Digital Lock
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The TSS Easy Code Change Digital Lock has 14 buttons and can be programmed with a code length of 1-13 digits with 5000+ possible code combinations.

The Easy Code Change feature offers a straightforward and quick solution to setting and changing the code. Simply use a flat head screwdriver on the reverse of the Digital Lock and turn the slotted buttons relating to the numbers you wish to be in the code so that the dot is facing outward. To remove the number from your code simply repeat the process in reverse so that the dot on the slotted button is pointing inward.

This light to medium duty lock comes with a tubular latch, is reversible (non-handed) and features a removable holdback option.

It is both 240 Hour Salt Spray Corrosion Resistant To EN1670 and fire tested to EN1634 up to 1 hour if used with TSSINTKIT.

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  • Dimensions: (H) 142mm x (W) 41mm
  • Backset: 60mm
  • Suitable for Doors 30-65mm thick
  • Outside - Entry Via Code¬†
  • Inside - Exit Via Paddle
  • Number of Buttons - 14
  • Handed: Reversible
  • Holdback: Yes (can be removed)
  • Fire Tested: NO (YES - if used with TSSINTKIT tested to EN1637 up to 1 Hour)

How do you change the code on this digital door lock?

To change the code on the TSS Easy Code change range, the front housing must be removed from the door, and on the reverse face you will find a series of slot drive plates. Use a screwdriver to rotate the plates to indicate if a number is in the code or not. There are no parts to remove or fiddly pins to insert.

How heavy Duty is this digital door lock?

The TSS digital lock series is an entry level light duty range ideal for internal wooden doors where there is a light to medium traffic expectation. This is our most cost effective digital door lock and one of our most popular.

Is this digital door lock suitable for use outside?

This lock is ideally suited to internal doors. It will function externally, however due to the construction and materials used, exposure to the elements may reduce the products lifespan and cause damage to its finish.

What locking device does this digital door lock work with?

This product works with a tubular mortice latch which is included in the box.

Can the user code feature the same number more than once?

No, the same character can not appear more than once in the code for this product

Does the user code have to be entered in the correct sequence?

No, codes on this product are non sequential.

Does this digital door lock feature holdback functionality?

Yes, this product features a manual holdback functionality which can be removed if not wanted.

Does this digital door lock feature a manual key override?

No, This product does not offer a key override functionality.

How does the selectable holdback work on this digital door lock?

This lock features a holdback function, where the latch can be mechanically held back in the open position by a snib on the inside handle. This snib can be removed, turned around, and replaced. This blanks off the holdback snib window and eliminates the holdback function being used.

Is this suitable for use outdoors?

Ideally this product would be used indoors. Although not designed for external use, It will work outdoors, and they are commonly seen fitted to gates and temporary structures, however they contain ferrous components and exposure to the outdoors will accelerate wear and reduce the life of the product.