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Roto H600 Genuine Gearbox - Lift Lever

Roto H600 Genuine Gearbox - Lift Lever
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This genuine Roto H600 genuine gearbox is available with a single spindle and a 35mm backset.

Operation: Lift lever

Latch reversal: Locate the small hole above the latch and insert a 2mm Allen key which should go down at a slight angle, push down on the Allen key and at the same time pull the latch out, reverse latch and reinsert, push latch right in and test to ensure it is connected properly.

  • Case Height: 212mm
  • Case Width: Backset + 15mm
  • Centres: 92mm
  • Backset: 35mm 
  • Spindle: Single 8mm
  • Packaging: Supplied in singles

Is this a genuine gearbox or a copy?

Yes this is a genuine gearbox,as far as we are aware there is no copy version available.

My version looks different to this ,do you stock other variants?

Some are still made please check with our technical department.