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Lockmaster multipoint locks are Britain’s best-selling multi-point door locking system. The Lockmaster range covers an extremely wide range of applications and door materials including aluminium, timber, UPVC and modern composite construction.

Lockmaster multipoint door locks are owned by Yale, which is part of the Assa Abloy group of companies. They make hundreds of different variations of multipoint door locks, featuring hooks, anti-lift pins, rollers and deadbolts. They are available with 25mm, 28mm, 35mm and 45mm backsets. You can read our guide on how to measure a multipoint door lock here {link}.

Lockmaster multipoint locks are available with a large range of different operations. The two main types are either single spindle, with 92mm PZ, which is often used on secondary access doors. These are very popular UPVC door locks. The second most popular variation is a double spindle, with 62/92mm PZ which is often used as a front door lock, with a set of offset handles.

In recent years, Lockmaster has also introduced an automatic locking multipoint door lock called AutoEngage, which automatically locks when the door is closed. They have also introduced a Key Turn lock which is perfectly suited for use as a composite door lock with long stainless steel pull handles. Both are available as a contemporary version, with a handle height at around 1m, or as a Heritage version, where the locking euro cylinder is positioned much higher up the door, where a normal Yale nightlatch lock would be placed.

Before they were sold to Yale, Lockmaster were made by Paddock Hardware. You may occasionally find old locks with the Paddock logo.


Duffells & Lockmaster

Duffells stocks the largest range of Lockmaster door locks in the UK. We stock contemporary locks and, hard to find, locks which have been discontinued by other suppliers. We also stock a range of replacement gearboxes and lock cases which you can find here.

For replacement UPVC door locks, Lockmaster makes multipoint door locks featuring hooks and rollers. Hooks, which are available either with or without anti-lift pins (which are small pins located below the hooks), are paired with rollers, which pull the door to the frame, to provide compression to protect against water and weather.

For replacement aluminium door locks, we stock a range of different Lockmaster multipoint door locks, featuring various locking points. There’s a new range for Bi-Fold doors which you can read more about, below.

For replacement timber multipoint door locks, we stock Lockmaster door locks with deadbolts and hooks in both 16mm and 20mm faceplates. Faceplates with 20mm width often have rounded or radius ends to help door fabricators fit the locks more easily.

We also stock a range of replacement composite door locks from Lockmaster. Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular as a modern alternative to UPVC. Composite doors normally have a solid timber core, which is surrounded by a UPVC, laminate or GRP shell. Lockmaster makes specialist composite door locks with various different faceplates, including locks with a 44mm cover plate.

Lastly, Lockmaster has introduced a new range of Bi-Fold door locks. These Lockmaster multipoint locks have many of the same features as regular Lockmaster door locks but are available in 25mm and 28mm backsets to suit the slimmer frames of Bi-Fold doors, especially those made from aluminium.

Lockmaster multipoint door locks can also be used on a pair of French doors. The main opening door will have a version of a normal Lockmaster door lock which is slightly shorter in length. The passive or secondary door will feature a passive lock with attachments for shootbolts to hold the door shut.

In addition to our huge range of Lockmaster multipoint door locks, we also stock the UK’s largest range of replacement gearboxes, in every backset, with every locking point. You can find the full range here.

We also stock a full range of keeps, including full-length strikes, to suit Lockmaster multipoint locks, handles, spindles, shootbolts and a range of door letter plates, hinges and other furniture.


Duffells specialises in identifying and supplying all types of Lockmaster multipoint door locks. Lockmaster locks are fairly easy to identify once they have been removed from the door, even if the logo isn't stamped on the faceplate. You may find that Lockmaster locks are stamped with the Lockmaster logo, Paddock, Yale, or for early locks, no logo at all. Upwards throwing locks (often accompanied by an anti-lift pin) and one of the largest gearboxes, at 228mm high, are good giveaways.

Lockmaster gearboxes are available in 35mm or 45mm backsets with either a, double spindle or single spindle mechanism. Bifold door versions of the gearbox are available in 25mm and 28mm backsets.

Double spindle locks feature 62mm and 92mm centres and are unsprung, so we recommend the use of sprung door handles (all of our TSS range of handles are sprung, so they are a good choice). They can be used as lift levers or double spindle nightlatch functions. Single spindles are sprung and can only be used as a lift lever function.

Lockmaster gearboxes measure 228mm high by backset +15mm. The latch measures 30mm high, as does the deadbolt. There is 65mm between the bottom of the latch and the top of the deadbolt.

Gearboxes are fitted to faceplates with 3 screw holes. The top to middle screw hole measures 109mm and the middle to bottom also measures 109mm.

Earlier versions of these gearboxes also had a small spindle hole at the top of the case, near the latch. This was used to hold the latch back.

45mm backset versions of the Lockmaster gearbox are the same as the 35mm version but feature an extended latch and deadbolt and a cover plate to convert the lock to a 45mm backset.

Please note that some older versions of Lockmaster locks may have locking point locations in slightly different places. That may require the routing prep on the door to be enlarged by 40-50mm to accommodate the revised locations and for the keeps to be repositioned.