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Fullex SL16 2PLUS2 Latch 3 Deadbolts 2 Hooks Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock

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This part is discontinued and is no longer available. However, part: FULCASE is a potential alternative. As this lock is discontinued, we'd recommend a replacement gearbox. If a full, replacement lock is required, a VERSA V-MPL repair lock... read more
Product Information

This part is discontinued and is no longer available.

However, part: FULCASE is a potential alternative. As this lock is discontinued, we'd recommend a replacement gearbox. If a full, replacement lock is required, a VERSA V-MPL repair lock can be used. Some adjustments will be required but it is supplied with keeps for any new locking positions.

This lock was the original multipoint to feature a hook and deadbolt combination but is now discontinued. The gearbox only is still available.

Fullex SL16 multipoint door locks have been fitted to doors for decades and were widely specified in both private and social housing. They feature a completely unique PZ centre measurement of 68mm. No other current full length multipoint door lock has this PZ measurement.

SL16 locks are available in various different configurations and faceplate sizes. All locks in the range feature a central latch and deadbolt with 2 additional deadbolts, located equidistant from the spindle. The measurement is 650mm from the spindle to the top deadbolt and 650mm from the spindle to the bottom deadbolt. Certain variations of this lock feature an additional hook lock between the main gearbox and the top deadbolt. That is located 345mm from the spindle.

Identifying a SL16 multipoint door lock is simple. Although older versions of this lock do not have the Fullex brand stamped on the faceplate, the centres on the gearbox are an absolute giveaway. If the centres are 68mm, double check that the lock isn't one of the original type A-G locks (you can find more details on these in our gearbox category).

Faceplates are available in 16mm or 20mm variants and are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel.

SL16 handles require handles with 68mm centres (the distance from the centre of the euro cut out to the spindle). You may find that your handles are standard lever lever or lever pad versions or they may feature a snib that allows the latch to be held back. Lever lever handles with a hold back snib are still available, but lever moveable pad versions with a snib are not.

Fullex SL16 gearboxes are available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm backsets and all feature a split spindle to allow them to be used as a lift lever or split spindle nightlatch function.

All SL16 gearboxes feature a 68mm centres (PZ) measurement. This is only found on Fullex locks (the FULCCA also has this measurement). The overall case height is 194mm. The case width is the backset + 15mm. The latch is 27mm high, the deadbolt is 32mm high and the distance between the bottom of the latch and the top of the deadbolt is 65mm.

SL16 gearboxes come with fixing tabs at the top and the bottom of the gearbox. These measure 15mm wide by 9mm deep. The lugs are 11mm wide. The case attaches to the faceplate with screws at the top and bottom which measure 206mm apart.

SL16 locks do not feature hooks in the traditional way that some multipoint locks do. Instead, some versions use a single, additional hook, located between the gearbox and the top deadbolt to provide additional security.

Fullex SL16 deadbolts are tapered to offer both security and compression, so that the door is pulled tight to the frame.

These deadbolts throw 20mm into their keeps when the lock is engaged for extra security.

Operation: Split Spindle

To lock the door

1. Lift the handle upwards to engage the locking points.

2. Lock the locking points and main deadbolt (if present) by turning the key.

To unlock the door

1. Unlock the system by turning the key.

2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points and retract the latch.

  • 304 stainless steel faceplate for high corrosion resistance
  • Cycle tested by 100,000 operations
  • Corrosion resistance tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 for 480 hours
  • Meets the requirements of Secured by Design and can be used on a PAS24 compliant door set.

We stock a range of associated products for Fullex SL16 multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Undo the screw or screw in the latch to remove. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.


Nightlatch reversal: Insert the split spindle 2/3 of the way in on the internal side and 1/3 of the way in on the external side.

You may find this lock used as an UPVC door lock, an aluminium door lock, a timber multipoint door lock or a composite door lock .

Product Specification
Product FAQs

How can I tell who the manufacturer is of my multipoint lock?

Check down the faceplate and look for a brand name or logo to identify the manufacturer.

How do I find out the operation of my multipoint door lock?

  • 1. If you only use the key to unlock all of the locking points then the operation is called Key Wind.
  • 2. If you lift the handle and turn the key to lock then the operation is called Lift Lever.
  • 3. If from the outside you unlock with the key, pull handle down to disengage the locking points and turn the key to open the door then this operation is called Nightlatch or Split Spindle.
  • 4. If lifting the handle fully locks the door without the use of a key then this operation is called Auto Locking.

How do I measure my multipoint door lock?

Always measure in millimetres.

  • 1. Backset – Measure the distance from the edge of the faceplate back to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 2. Centres – Measure the distance from centre of handle spindle down to where the key goes into the door cylinder.
  • 3. Locking points – Measure the distance from centre of the locking point to the centre of handle spindle then repeat for other locking points.
  • 4. Faceplate – Measure the distance across the width of the face and full length of the faceplate.
  • 5. Gearbox – Measure the height and depth of the gearbox.

How do I know if my multipoint door lock is left or right handed?

99% of multipoint door locks are field reversible, instructions for which are under product information. For those models which are handed please refer to the handing chart to determine which hand you require.

Do you have a gearbox for this multipoint lock?

Yes our part number is FULCASE.

Are these keys for the overide cylinder on my lock?

No, these keys and tools are used for the installation and removal of the lock from the door, they do not operate the mechanical key overide cylinder.

I need a DF59 key, is that what this is?

Yes, this contains the DF59 control key.

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