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Cego Surelock Copy Gearbox - Lift Lever or Double Spindle

Cego Surelock Copy Gearbox - Lift Lever or Double Spindle
Order code: CEGOCASE35

Cego lockcases are also known as Zenith, Bowater or Staybrite.

Some versions of Staybrite cases have different connectors and will not interchange with the CEGOCASE35.

Screwholes are unthreaded - The use of self tapping screws is required.

Operation: Lift Lever or Double spindle

Latch reversal: Lay the multipoint lock strip on the floor with the latch and deadbolt facing to the left. undo the 5 screws on the side of the case, remove the flat positioning plate, remove the latch clip, twist latch into desired position, reinsert the flat positioning plate and latch clip, replace cover and tighten screws.

  • Case Height: 234mm
  • Case Width: 52mm
  • Centres: 92mm/70mm
  • Backset: 35mm
  • Spindle: Double 8mm
  • Packaging: Supplied in singles

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Is this a genuine Cego gearbox?

No this is a copy ,Cego no longer manufacture the old style gearboxes.

Is the latch reversible?

Yes but it is a bit tricky, We have a step by step photo tech guide available to guide you through changing it.

I have a broken hook box do you stock those?

Yes we have the hook shells, ask for our tech guide on how to change them.

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