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Briton 2321 Overhead Cam Action Door Closer - Push Side

Briton 2321 Overhead Cam Action Door Closer - Push Side
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This Briton door closer is medium duty and suitable for use in domestic and commercial buildings.

With adjustable closing speed and latch action, this closer has a maximum door weight of 80kg and a maximum door width of 1100mm.

This closer for the 'push' side of the door is a cam action closer that features high-performance cam action technology which is extremely efficient, allowing the closer to be set and providing reliable closing power for fire door applications while still being easy to open.

Cam action closers require a lower force to open the door, making them an ideal choice for public places such as retirement homes and schools.

CE Marked and fire tested for up to 2 hours on a timber door.

  • Adjustable Closing Speed: Yes
  • Adjustable Latch Action: Yes
  • Delayed Action: No
  • Backcheck: Yes
  • Hold Open: No
  • Handed: Push Side
  • Maximum Door Weight: 80kg
  • Maximum Door Width: 1100mm
  • Strength: 2-4
  • Tested to BS EN1154
  • CE Marked
  • Supplied boxed

What is adjustable closing speed?

Adjustable closing speed allows for the adjustment of the speed with which the door is closed.

What is delayed Action?

Delayed action allows the closer to close the door more slowly at the top of its cycle.

What is hold open?

Hold open means the door can be held in the open position.

How do I know what strength door closer I need?

The strength required is selected depending on the doors width and weight.

What is adjustable latch action?

Adjustable latch action allows the speed over the final 7-10 degrees to be adjusted to overcome latches and seals.

What does Applications Fig 1, Fig 61 and Fig 66 mean?

Applications are the door closer fixing positions -

  • Fig 1 - The closer is mounted onto the pull side of the door, and the arm attaches to the frame above.
  • Fig 61 - The closer is mounted onto the push side of the door onto the frame, and the arm attaches to the door below.
  • Fig 66 - The closer is mounted onto the push side of the door and the arm attaches to the frame above via a parellel arm bracket.