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Borg 7001 Digital Tubular Mortice Latch Lever Pass

Borg 7001 Digital Tubular Mortice Latch Lever Pass
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This Borg 7001 digital tubular mortice latch islever pass and has a reversible lever for left or right hand applications. This version has code lengths of 4-8 digits, with 5000+ possible code combination options.


  • Holdback: No.
  • Dimensions: (H) 220mm x (W) 60mm.
  • Backset: 60mm.
  • Key Override: No .
  • Code Free Function: No.
  • Code Change on Door: No.
  • Number of buttons:12.
  • Handed: Reversible.
  • Operation: Outside entry via code, Inside exit via lever.

Please note that this product is not subject to our normal returns procedure and will only be repaired by the manufacturer, rather than replaced, Products may be subject to manufacturer's checks and their policy on replacements will apply.

How do you change the code on this digital door lock?

The code change process for this lock involves entering the existing code, and then using a small cam on the internal lever to put the lock into code change mode before then setting a new code, all whilst the unit remains on the door. Removal of the lock is not necessary

How heavy Duty is this digital door lock?

This is a heavy duty lock, built to be used in high traffic areas requiring heavy duty specification.

Is this digital door lock suitable for use outside?

Yes, this lock features stainless internals and can be used externally

What locking device does this digital door lock work with?

A 70mm tubular latch is provided for use with this unit

Can the user code feature the same number more than once?

Yes, numbers can be used more than once

Does the user code have to be entered in the correct sequence?

Yes, codes are sequential on the BL7001

Does this digital door lock feature holdback functionality?

No, This product features a free passage mode as an alternative to holdback.

Does this digital door lock feature a manual key override?

No, This product does not offer a key override functionality.

Can I use this digital door lock to replace other manufacturers heavy duty digital door locks?

Yes, designed to provide a reliable solution for such a application, the BL7000 was designed to share a footprint with other popular heavy duty locks on the market, such at the Unican 1000 & 5000 to make switching over easy.