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Borg 6100 Solo Digital Door Lock- For Retrofit Applications

Borg 6100 Solo Digital Door Lock- For Retrofit Applications
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Borg 6100 Solo Digital Door Lock for use with multipoint locks.

These digital locks are specifically designed to work with UPVC door locks with 92mm centres and lift lever operation.

Tested with GU,Winkhaus and Fuhr Mechs, it will also work with Era and Avantis but requires a slight modification - please speak to technical for more information.

It does not work with Lockmaster or Avocet double spindles.

Its new sequential coding chamber has a single column 6 button interface, giving it a narrow appearance and a greater level of security due to an increased number of possible combinations. There is also no need to remove tumblers to change the code, which makes setting the desired code fast and easy.

With a free acting handle allowing for a 70-degree handle rotation, it is ideal for most lift lever multi-point locks.

Due to its operation, this digital lock can not be used with auto-locking or key wind mechanisms. 

Please note that this product is not subject to our normal returns procedure and will only be repaired by the manufacturer, rather than replaced, Products may be subject to manufacturer's checks and their policy on replacements will apply.

  • Sequential coding chamber
  • Code length: 4-7 digits
  • Suitable for UPVC or aluminium doors
  • Holdback: No
  • Handed - No
  • Usage: Light duty
  • Suits multipoint locks with 92mm centres
  • PVD coating makes it suitable for exterior use
  • Height: 211mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Outside: Entry via code
  • Inside: Exit via handle
  • Tested with GU,Winkhuas and Fuhr Mechs
  • Will also work with Era and Avantis but requires a slight modification - please speak to technical for more information
  • Does not work with Lockmaster or Avocet
  • Supplied boxed

How do you change the code on this digital door lock?

The code change process for this lock involves removing the lock from the door and rotating a series of coding disk's or gears, to align coloured markers up in the desired sequence

How heavy Duty is this digital door lock?

This is a robust lock with a constantly clutched handle and is suitable for use in medium traffic applications

Is this digital door lock suitable for use outside?

This lock is suitable for internal and sheltered external narrow stile UPVC, aluminium, composite and wooden doors.

What locking device does this digital door lock work with?

This product works with a range of latches and lock cases including 92PZ lock cases, however its mostly suited to use with a range of 92PZ multipoint locking systems. No locking device comes included with the digital lock and one must be purchased separately

Can the user code feature the same number more than once?

Yes, each number may be used up to 2 times in the code

Does the user code have to be entered in the correct sequence?

No, codes on this product are non sequential.

Does this digital door lock feature holdback functionality?

No, This product features a free passage mode as an alternative to holdback.

Does this digital door lock feature a manual key override?

The unit works with euro cylinder lock cases and the key operation of the locking device being used is not effected by the Borg unit. Therefore in most circumstances key override will be available in any locking device where the key retracts the latch

How will this product operate my multipoint door lock?

The Borg 6000 series digital lock operates in much the same way as traditional lever furniture. As a result, the user must still lift the lever, on lift lever locking mechanisms, to throw the remote locking points. The difference is that the lever can not be used in a downwards action to open the door, until the correct code is entered. The locking cylinder function is not affected by the Borg lock.

How do I know if my multipoint door lock is compatible?

This digital lock will work with several 92PZ split spindle, or lift-lever multipoint locks. It is not suitable for use with key wind mechanisms. The main consideration is the distance between fixing bolts, and whether they will be obstructed by the case of the gearbox on the lock. Using the technical drawing of the Borg, and that of the multipoint lock gearbox you intend to use, it should be possible to confirm compatibility. Most locks that use the standard Winkhaus, GU, or Fuhr case will work without any issues due to the shorter case height. Locks from the Lockmaster, and Avocet ranges are not compatible. Some customers have modified lock case from other manufacturers to use them with the Borg. If you are unsure, please contact the Duffells team to confirm if your locking system is compatible.

So, can this digital door lock be used outside?

Yes, the Borg 600 range is suitable for use on external doors, however please be mindful it contains many intricate moving metal parts and would not be suitable for use in particularly harsh environments such as coastal settings etc.

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