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Over 12,000 products online

We have gone through our entire catalogue and made sure you can access anything you need, adding over 1000 products in categories such as Multipoint & UPVC, Locks & Security, Architectural Ironmongery and Tools.

Now with over 12,000 products available online

Improved search and navigation

It’s now even easier to find the product you need. We added a smart search that recommends products and brands based on your search term as you type. We’ve also restructured our navigation bar and categories to make the hunt for your product a little shorter.

Improved Search Functionality

Create Wishlists

Wishlists are a brand-new feature that allows you to create unique product lists to save for future purchases. If you have certain products that you often purchase, this feature allows you to save them all in one place to re-order rather than searching for them every time. 

Creating Product Wishlists

Multiple Users, One Account

Create separate logins for your entire team, their orders will go through to your account and you can monitor what they order. Configure their view; you can restrict their access to prevent them from being able to order, view trade prices or view retail prices.

Multiple Users, One Account

All your orders in one place

View all your orders in the ‘My Account’ section no matter how they were placed. You can view the contents of the order, add the products to your basket to re-order or arrange a return for complete orders that are still within the 28 day grace period.

Your Entire Order History

Pay invoices online

Pay on account customers can pay off outstanding invoices from the ‘order history’ page.  This new feature allows you to see which invoices have been paid, which invoices still need to be settled and allows you to pay for them all in one place.

Pay Off Outstanding Invoices Online

Review your products

Now you can tell everyone what you like about the products you love using and what you didn’t like about the ones you don’t. Give our products a rating out of 5 stars after you’ve purchased them. You can view other’s opinions as an insight into the quality of the product.

Write Reviews And Rate Products

Responsive layout

Now you can access our website whether you are out and about or at home, we’ve made it really easy to use. Our new website is fully optimised for use on mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive Layout

Choose from over 250 LOCKer Locations

Collect from a location near you or your job. The option to choose a LOCKer collection point at checkout means you can now pick up your order from a choice of over 250 LOCKer locations nationwide. Simply enter your postcode and hit search to find the available pickup points close to you.

Over 250 LOCKer Locations Selectable at Checkout

Returns are now simpler & easier

In the rare event that you have a problem with your order, you can raise a return with us from the ‘my returns’ section. As long as you are within the 28-day grace period you can select the order and choose the individual products you wish to return. We’ll keep you updated in the ‘My Returns’ page with the progress of your request.

Submit Return Requests Online

Save your credit & debit cards for a quicker checkout

Placing orders is now even faster with the ability to save multiple cards on your account, credit or debit cards can be saved and used for checkout or invoice payments. Find out more about paying online.

Save Cards At Checkout or in My Account