Up your Door Repair Game - Impress Customers and Earn Recommendations!

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Your days are often filled with challenges, uncertainties, and tight schedules. You've built your reputation on reliability and integrity, which means when you agree to a fixed charge for a job, you stick to your word, no matter what hurdles you encounter along the way. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, but there are moments when you wish you could do more.

Picture this… You've just received a call from a customer in need of a multipoint lock replacement for a front door. You promptly agree to the job, knowing it's your duty to secure their home. However, the day doesn't start as smoothly as you'd hoped. Traffic jams and delays add precious minutes to your journey, and by the time you reach your destination, you're acutely aware that this won't be a standard job.

As you assess the situation, it becomes apparent that this task is more complex than initially anticipated. You remain steadfast in your commitment, knowing that your reputation relies on delivering what you promised. You deftly replace the multipoint lock, an internal component that, once installed, will remain hidden from the customer's view. They'll pay the agreed-upon fee, but you can't help but feel the customers dissatisfaction. To them, it might seem as though they've paid for a service that leaves their door exactly as it was before—a door they may have taken pride in once but now bears the scars of time and wear.

The door itself is a testament to quality, but it wears the marks of life's trials. There's a conspicuous scratch near the spy hole, an imperfection that catches the eye of anyone approaching the door. You know that this scratch, while small in the grand scheme of things, leaves a big impression on your customer's perception of your work. It's a reminder that sometimes, simply fulfilling your contractual obligations doesn't leave your clients with the sense of satisfaction and delight that you strive to provide.

In the world of locksmiths and double-glazing repairers, where customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations are the lifeblood of your business, you find yourself wishing for a solution to these common dilemmas. What if there were a way to elevate the value of your services, especially when you're already on-site, and leave your customers not just satisfied but genuinely impressed? What if you could turn a seemingly routine job into an opportunity to showcase your commitment to excellence and earn glowing referrals from your clients?

In this article, we're about to introduce you to a game-changing solution that will transform the way you approach door and window repairs. Imagine effortlessly eliminating scratches, marks, and blemishes on doors and windows right on-site, leaving your customers astounded by the transformation. Discover how Konig can help you breathe new life into doors and windows, leaving them looking better than ever before. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and marks that tarnish your clients' doors, and say hello to a level of customer satisfaction that will set you apart in your industry, allowing you to go above and beyond your customers' expectations and earn the recommendations and reputation you deserve.


Konig Window Doctor Hot Wax Melt Repair Kit

Konig Window Doctor Hot wax Melt Repair Kit

This Konig window repair kit is perfect for removing scratches and blemishes to PVCu and composite doors and windows, to leave invisible repairs.

It consists of a set of 5 wax sticks, a heating iron, batteries, an abrasive tool and a soft cotton cloth. The tool allows the user to melt the hot wax to fill the dent or scratch. Colours can be combined to achieve the perfect match. Once the wax is dry, it can be gently rubbed down with the abrasive tool until the repair is smooth.

The kit is supplied with x5 wax sticks, in Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Irish Oak, Rosewood Brown and White to cover the most popular window and door colours on the market. A separate set of wax sticks, covering the next 5 most popular colours on the market is also available (our part KWAXSET1).


  1. Identify the colour that is the closest match to your door or window. If there isn't a perfect match, you can combine colours.
  2. Turn on the Holt melt iron. In a few moments, it will be hot enough to melt the wax, but be careful not to touch the iron.
  3. Gently use the iron to melt the wax onto the tip of the iron.
  4. Use the melted wax to fill the scratch or dent. Slightly overfill the indentation so that you can rub it down for a perfect finish.
  5. After a few seconds, the wax will be dry and you can gently rub it down until smooth.
  6. If your door or window is heavily grained, use the end of the abrasive tool to create the grain in the wax.
  7. If required, complete the job by gently spraying the blemish with the Konig repair lacquer in the colour of your choice.

Konig W400ml PF Covering Lacquer Spray

Konig 400ml PF Covering Lacquer Spray

Konig spray lacquer is an opaque spray that is designed for use on PVCu and composite windows and doors. Offering a high level of opacity, these sprays can be used for repairs or to colour-match hardware and accessories.

Touch dry in less than 60 seconds, these spray lacquers are available in a wide range of colours, including Anthracite Grey, Rosewood Brown, Black Brown, Chartwell Green, Golden Oak, Agate Grey, Cream UPVC, Irish Oak, Foiled White and Slate Grey. Please select the colour you require from the options on the right or the table, below.

This spray lacquer has a low sheen, matt finish, that matches perfectly with existing PVCu and composite finishes. No primer or top coat is required, it is UV stable and water resistant, so it can be used inside or outside.

These sprays are often used at the end of a repair using melted wax (see our part KMELTKIT) as a final step to give a perfect finish. Alternatively, they can be used to paint door and window hardware to match an existing installation. For example, if the client requires an anthracite grey trickle vent, sash jammer or window stay, these sprays can be used to paint existing products to match the window or door colour.



  1. Shake the can for at least 60 seconds to mix the paint. Wait for the ball bearing to rattle inside the can.
  2. Test a small area to ensure that the spray is flowing effectively.
  3. Spray the desired area lightly, using back and forward strokes from at least 500mm from the target.
  4. Light strokes are better to avoid the risk of running paint.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the surface to dry.
  6. Once the job is complete, turn the can upside down and spray to clear the tube. This will ensure that your can be used again and again without clogging.

Konig Colour Edge Touch-Up Pens

Konig Colour Edge Touch Up Pens

Konig colour edging pens are designed to touch up small imperfections on edges and mitre joins on PVCu and composite window and door profiles.

These pens are highly pigmented allowing them to cover mitre joins with a permanent colour. They are often used by window and door manufacturers to finish mitre joins when producing windows in factories, so the finish is excellent.

The result is a permanent colour change which is weather resistant. These pens utilise acrylic-based paint, which is ideal for edges and mitre joints.

Available in a wide range of colours, including Anthracite Grey, Rosewood Brown, Black Brown, Chartwell Green, Golden Oak, Agate Grey, Cream UPVC, Irish Oak, Foiled White and Slate Grey. Please select the colour you require from the options on the right of the image or the variation table below.

Konig touch-up pens feature a valve in the pen which enables an even, permanent colour application.


  1. Shake the pen for at least 30 seconds to mix the paint.
  2. Squeeze the neck of the pen to deaerate.
  3. Activate the pen by squeezing the neck of the pen into a rag to ensure that the paint is flowing.
  4. Push the nib of the pen down to get the paint flowing and apply it to the surface.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the surface to dry.

The Konig range of repair products offers the double glazing repairer, locksmith or other property professional the opportunity to repair any small imperfections to a customer's door or window when replacing a broken lock, upgrading hardware or gaining entry. They offer the unique opportunity to upsell an additional service when already on site, or to provide an additional service to genuinely impress the customer.