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Security professionals join the cause to build the New NHS Nightingale Hospital

Security professionals join the cause to build the New NHS Nightingale Hospital

In a another truly amazing story of collaboration and innovation; thousands of volunteers from the construction industry including builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and security professionals have come together to offer their services for free and work collectively as a team to build a 4000 bed capacity single purpose hospital called the Nightingale Hospital. Its sole purpose will be to care for those unfortunate ones who contract the COVIS-19 virus.

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Duffells are considered a key service and will remain available until further notice

You will have seen yesterday’s announcement from the government regarding the lockdown of “non essential” business. The definition of “essential” wasn’t very clear but we now have some formal government guidance.

Our first priority is to ensure that our staff and customers are safe and to maintain public health in-line with Government advice. At the same time, all of our customers will play a critical role in keeping homes and business across the UK and Ireland safe and secure.

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The measures we have taken COVID-19

COVID-19 The measures we have taken

Amid the latest developments around the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we wanted to inform you that we have taken all possible measures to ensure that our services will remain available.


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Christmas Promotion 2019

Christmas Promo 2019

Get free gift cards when you order during our Christmas Promotion. Simply place two qualifying orders for the amounts specified in this post to start earning LOVE2SHOP gift cards. Here's what to do... 

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Do Dark Nights Actually Mean An Increase in Burglaries?

It’s sad to say but British Summer Time (BST) in the UK is coming to a close. It wasn’t too bad, was it? On 27th October the clocks go back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and whilst the mornings temporarily get lighter, the nights instantly get darker earlier in the day.

Along with the dark nights comes the theory that what follows is an increase in crime and burglaries, but is this actually the case? 

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How Fire Doors Save Lives

Learn How Fire Doors Save Lives

Fire doors are a key defence mechanism against the spread of fires. They are commonly found in public buildings such as schools, hotels and offices and residential flats. A properly installed fire door will contain a fire for at least 30 minutes allowing invaluable time for those in the building to escape from the premises and out of danger.

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2018 Fire Related Incident Statistics

2018 Fire Related Statistics

Earlier in the year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the annual report for fire-related incidents in England for the year 2018. We wanted to share these findings with you all to give a better understanding of the volume of incidents and the importance of fire safety in our industry.

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