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Escape & Fire Door Safety

Escape & Fire Safety Promotion

For all of September, and to celebrate Fire Door Safety Week, we're highlighting our huge range of Fire Door ready products including new products, limited time discounts, high security fire door items and much more!

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How Fire Doors Save Lives

Learn How Fire Doors Save Lives

Fire doors are a key defence mechanism against the spread of fires. They are commonly found in public buildings such as schools, hotels and offices and residential flats. A properly installed fire door will contain a fire for at least 30 minutes allowing invaluable time for those in the building to escape from the premises and out of danger.

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2018 Fire Related Incident Statistics

2018 Fire Related Statistics

Earlier in the year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the annual report for fire-related incidents in England for the year 2018. We wanted to share these findings with you all to give a better understanding of the volume of incidents and the importance of fire safety in our industry.

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A beginners guide to door closers

A Beginners Guide To Door Closers

You usually find door closers on doors in public premises and commercial properties where heavy doors are installed. These doors come in many different shapes, sizes, materials and weights and therefore different door closers exist to function on these different applications. Here’s a short guide to help you understand how the different door closers operate and the types of door that will suitably require them.

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A beginners guide to panic hardware

A Beginners Guide To Panic Hardware

Panic hardware is designed to provide a fast and safe exit from a building in an emergency. There are various types of panic hardware with different standards for different buildings. Here's a beginners guide to where you might find common panic hardware and what they do.

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