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ABT Gibbons Monalock Copy Gearbox With Snib For Aluminium Doors - Lift Lever or Double Spindle

ABT Gibbons Monalock Copy Gearbox With Snib For Aluminium Doors - Lift Lever or Double Spindle
Order code: 2018002
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ABT Gibbons copy gearbox is for aluminium doors featuring a snib and supplied with a 22mm faceplate. Top and bottom extensions have now been discontinued.

Brackets for the extension pieces are threaded.

A version for UPVC without a snib is available.

Handle spindle centres are 87mm/48mm

Handles to suit:

EAS48LLW - White Lever/Lever

EAS48LLG - Gold Lever/Lever

EAS4885LLW - White Offset Lever/Moveable Pad

EAS4885LLG - Gold Offset Lever/Moveable Pad 

Latch Reversal: Push in the latch, undo the screw inside of the lock case (adjacent to the latch) to remove the latch. Reverse and reinsert.

To lock the door

1. On closing the door, the latch is automatically engaged.

2. Lift the handle up to engage the additional locking points.

3. Throw the deadbolt and lock the system by turning the key (on some brands, the deadbolt will be thrown by lifting the handle).

To unlock the door

1. Unlock the system by turning the key.

2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points.

3. A further quarter turn of the key will retract the latch.

Is this a genuine gearbox or a copy?

No this is a copy, ABT Gibbons no longer manufacture these gearboxes.

Im looking for a version of this lock with no faceplate or anti thrust, do you stock this?

Yes we do , our part number is 2019002.

The top and bottom deadbolts on my lock are broken ,do you sell these?

No they are no longer manufactured, rods will have to be disabled and door operated by the centre case only.

Do you have handles to suit?

The original handles are now obsolete ,we do have handle sets which will fit however the screw holes will need to be re-positioned - The part numbers are listed under the Product information for this page.